Making a wish

They first met at Basem's dental clinic, he a personable, tea addict with a talent for making avocado smoothies, she a panda loving, PHD student, with a love for sushi. Through their many mutual friends they became close and developed a deep friendship. 

Two years ago Basem and Hazar got together with their friends to celebrate Hazar's birthday, at which she brought flying wish papers. Wish papers, for those of you who don't know, are small pieces of paper on which people write their deepest desires, ambitions or concerns to be burned in the hopes that that sentiment will become true. In secret both Basem and Hazar wrote each other's names on their pieces of paper that night. For the next year they just remained friends and their lives almost took different paths. On a quiet evening in December, just before Christmas, Basem expressed his feelings and told Hazar about writing her name on that paper. Upon hearing this she confessed to having done the same! 

On her birthday last year their hidden wish became true. Basem organized a big birthday surprise for Hazar, at which he got down on one knee and he popped the question. It was the start of their own fairy tale, all started by a wish. Although they had fallen in love very quickly, anyone watching them at their ceremony could see the spark between them. Their vows were full of love, Based saying "you are made to be happy and I will make sure to make you happy. I will say sorry ahead of time just in case I make a mistake." Hazar sang for Basem in Turkish - a song called Bir Elmanın Yarısı, (half of an apple). Their wedding was full of happy tears and best wishes from their adoring guests.

See images from their beautiful ceremony below.